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What´s Going On - mitä tapahtuu New Yorkissa, Tallinnassa, Moskovassa, Parisissa tai missä tahansa!

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What’s going on in New York City, Tallinn, Moscow, Paris or wherever!

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Astonishing autumn weekend in Riga! Part 2

Next place worth visiting before the club or maybe even after, as it serves the food all night long and it might be wise decision to have a bite before falling off your feet in the morning - PUPU Lounge at Marstalu iela, 14. Open Wednesday- Saturday from 12.00 till the last guest, Happy hours 17.00-20.00. The name originates from Latvian word pupi, which means breasts and the design and the atmosphere fully justifies the name, come and see your self why. Fabulous bar down stairs and dancing room on the second floor, for more information check out
The night club near by, which is the most logical place to make party going – Nautilus ( at Kungu iela, 8, which is just basically cross the street. The club imitates giant submarine, has 4 zones: chill-out, Absolut and Remi-Martin bars and of course huge dance floor with Ballantine’s bar. The music is mostly progressive, house-style.

It will take you couple of hours to feel the place and discover it completely, but remember it is not in fashion to stay in one club for the whole party, so gather your strength and be ready to visit couple of places more.

Next one is Fashion club at Terbatas iela, 2, which is going to be right on your way back to the hotel. Open Thursdays 22.00-04.00 and Friday-Saturday 22.00-06.00. Again it is the place names so for the purpose, big screens non-stop broadcasting FTV, red carpets and catwalks, model like public and posh atmosphere.

The last club to visit usually becomes - Club Essential, which is right next to the hotel at Skolas iela, 2. Open Thursday, 23.00-06.00, Friday-Saturday 23.00-08.00, Sunday 23.00-05.00, club offers three floors of R&B and house music, with the newest and craziest light effects possible. Browse for details at

And if there is some chance that you want to stick closer to your hotel, or have a tendency to forget your name after few-too-many drinks, not mentioning the place you live there is the perfect solution Voodoo club right in Reval Hotel Latvia, which is open from 21.00 till 05.00.
Well enough about parties for the moment, lets imagine next day and pretend that there is no hangover and it is possible to fully enjoy the rich hotel breakfast, by the huge windows, watching how the city waking up. Eaten? Ok, not much time to relax over here - lets move further!
Three more shops to visit, all of them located next to each other. But easy, tigers, one-by-one.
Double-story Podium at Kr. Barona iela, 29 selling men’s and women’s clothes and accessories of such brands as Pal Zileri, Corneliani, Trussardi Jeans, Moschino, Class Roberto Cavalli and others. Open 10.00-20.00, Sundays 10.00-17.00. Max Mara flagship store, Kr. Barona iela 24/26, open 10.00-19.00, Saturdays 11.00-18.00, closed on Sundays.

And finally the real castle of Italian designers situated at Kr. Barona iela, 2 and called Palazzo Italia. Open 11.00-20.00, closed on Sundays. Five floors of superior Italian shopping, John Richmond, Valentino, Coccinelle, Roberto Cavalli, Prada Sport, D&G and more. Clothes, shoes, accessories, sunglasses and anything you can possibly think of.
Wow! Guess it is enough for ones head go spinning, so lets keep the rest of the shops for next time and check one more place to eat.

Vanille Café, just after the renovation! Damm we missed this place! This is where it is perfectly possible to have both lunch and the dinner. First floor is the best sushi in the city and the second one is a true bohemian French atmosphere offering foie gras and variety of fresh fish, as well as fusion cusine. Being more specific here is the information you need: Valnu iela, 26, opening hours 12.00-24.00,, enjoy!

Enough for this time? Even thou most probable answer going to be – no, simply physically you shouldn’t have any strength anymore, so lets keep something left for the next trips to this fabulous capital. Promise – all the new happenings are going to be reviewed right ahead exactly for you, but now print out the map attached to this article, pick up the phone, make all the necessary bookings and have fun! Enjoy this autumn!

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