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What´s Going On - mitä tapahtuu New Yorkissa, Tallinnassa, Moskovassa, Parisissa tai missä tahansa!

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What’s going on in New York City, Tallinn, Moscow, Paris or wherever!

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Discovering Helsinki…again! Part 2

Helsinki - a city to enjoy? No, Helsinki - a city to fall in love with! If I would have heard this before, I would have laughed myself to death. I've been visiting Helsinki for quite many years, and I don’t know why and how this happened, BUT this time I discovered I actually adore the city. Inspired from my last visit, I decided to write about this new love of mine. The story is divided into three parts: how the idea of enjoying Helsinki came to my mind, shopping and the city ambience. Of course, there is much more I can write, but I tried to make it short and focused. This will definitely not be the last time I write about the Finnish capital.

Part 2 – Shopping in Helsinki

This time, I had asked my old friend to meet me (without a car!) and we went shopping straight from the harbour. The first stop on the list was, of course, H&M. I will never understand why there is no H&M in Tallinn or Riga! Anything possible can be bought from there. And the prices are also quite nice! However: be careful, as it can turn out that too many cheap things sum up to a pretty heavy amount of money.

Next we went discovering Aleksanterinkatu and the small streets connected to it. My God, there are so many great shops! And we definitely do not have any of them in Tallinn. Mulberry, Furla, Zio, Wolford. Amazing shoe shops that sell such brands as Rizzo, Sergio Rossi, Boss, D&G and more. And H&M again - but this time for kids. Even though I don’t have children, I couldn’t help but notice the gorgeously decorated shop windows. I had to make the stop to buy a bunch of probably not-the-most-necessary-but-too-cute-to-miss little outfits for my friends’ babies. Then I went to Lindex and Zara. Someone can argue that there is a Zara shop in Tallinn, but trust me: it is not the same. This one is twice as big and has a wider selection of products. Or was I just too excited at the moment and everything seemed bigger and better?

The next day, I took another friend of mine (I don’t have the conscience to ask the same person to shop with me two days in a row) and we went exploring Esplanadi. We first bumped into the Diesel flagship store, right in front of the Swedish theatre. An absolutely cool shop for jeans and relaxed-style lovers. Again: it was not the same as in Tallinn. Next – Marimekko. Maybe the most famous (but why?) Scandinavian brand. Still, I love the way they decorate their windows. Bravo! And if I ever need something with a bold design, I would definitely go there.

Another very important stop was Kämp Galleria, where many little shops can be found. However, my favourite is definitely Della Marga. This shop sells clothes, shoes and accessories for men and women, with brands such as Chanel, D&G, Armani, Versace, Voyage Passion, Etro, Krizia and Sonia Rykiel. Just around the corner was something I never miss – the Longchamp store with its complete collection of cute, differently coloured and decorated bags, suitcases, wallets and key chains. Even if you don’t actually need anything, you will always find something from there. Wow, what a raid on shops……

Julkaistu 2.2.2006

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