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What's going on

What´s Going On - mitä tapahtuu New Yorkissa, Tallinnassa, Moskovassa, Parisissa tai missä tahansa!

Tässä osassa saittia pääset matkalle maailman ympäri.
Juttuja kirjoittavat kansainväliset branditoimittajamme.

Merkillä on väliä. Kaikkialla!

What’s going on in New York City, Tallinn, Moscow, Paris or wherever!

This section takes you around the world with stories covered by our global brand correspondents.

Brand Matters. Everywhere.

Nobody Writes to the Colonel

Older than both Stockholm and St. Petersburg, Riga has been likened as the “Paris of the North”. Already the de facto Baltic business capital, Riga is also without doubt, the clubbing capital of the region – with plenty of renovated restaurants, bars, cafés and night clubs.

The best way to spend some time is to go straight to the city centre. One of the best clubs is Nobody Writes to the Colonel, a venue named after the Gabrial Garcia Marquez novel. It has the taste of the London Underground and attracts an alternative crowd from the local artistic circle. The interior was designed by one of Riga’s most famous architects. The location is in an old, intentionally undecorated building with mysterious and inadequate walls and seats from old trains. The club is said to have the most positive energy in Riga – and is the hippest spot to hangout. Expats compare it to “Fight Club”.

The basement floor has recently opened with a lounge-style Bacardi bar. Music varies from punk to fusion to acid jazz, with rap, hip-hop and some slightly dodgy UK house music mixed in. The upstairs serves up Latin music favorites. On special nights, high profile Latvian DJs host fabulous dance parties.

Beer is cheap, the crowd friendly – relax and have fun!

Julkaistu 9.3.2006

Nobody Writes to the Colonel
Peldu str. 26/28

Monday – Friday 12:00pm – 3:00pm
Saturday – Sunday 12.00pm – 5:00 pm

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 2-5€

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