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What´s Going On - mitä tapahtuu New Yorkissa, Tallinnassa, Moskovassa, Parisissa tai missä tahansa!

Tässä osassa saittia pääset matkalle maailman ympäri.
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What’s going on in New York City, Tallinn, Moscow, Paris or wherever!

This section takes you around the world with stories covered by our global brand correspondents.

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Eating With the View

Moscow has a huge variety of restaurants and cafes for every taste. The most popular at the moment are "trendy" pre-party cafes, while only a year ago Muscovites were going through the "sushi frenzy", which has now settled down.

Normally, it is possible to have a good dinner for $15 per person, although it will go up to $30 and more if you choose a very popular place.
The best way to get to know the city quickly is to get as high as possible and see the whole picture as a unit from the point of the birds view.

For one of the very best views on Moscow, Sky Lounge restaurant should definitely be one of the first places to visit in the capital of Russia. It is located on the 22nd floor of the Russian Academy of Sciences building not far from the Moscow State University on Vorobievy Hills. This fancy café-restaurant has a cool interior and offers delicious food in addition to its great location, the longest bar-stand in Moscow and the summer terrace. The cuisine is mainly French Fusion and Mediterranean, the music is lounge and downtempo.

Getting there is an experience in itself: imagine getting to a large research center, then taking a special elevator to the top. You then arrive to the 22nd floor, where you are met by a polite security guy who leads you to the restaurant. The prices are higher then the average in Moscow, but the place is worth it, as there is no other restaurant where you will find such a great view. A dinner will cost about $30 per person and a glass of good wine with a light meal will be about $20.

Getting a little bit down from the 22nd floor and a little bit more to the city center you could visit another place to eat with the nice view on Lubyanskaya square where the famous KGB building is situated. Café Loft is situated on the 6th floor of Nautilus Trade Center 5 minutes walk from the Red Square. This unique café with the luxurious summer terrace is offering 5 o’clock English tea ceremony, the widest range of fresh juices (about 40 different sorts of fresh-made juices), perfect services and various cuisines from the Chef Sergey Sviridov. For now Chef is in the process of inventing the special “exotic summer” menu.

Café Loft is the best place for the morning breakfasts on the roof. It has the special breakfast menu, valid from 9 to 12 a.m.. The business-breakfast, including 4 or 5 different dishes and non-alcoholic drinks will cost only 6 EUR.

Julkaistu 8.6.2006

Address: Sky Lounge: Moscow, Russian Academy of Sciences Leninsky Prospekt, #32a (metro Leninsky Prospekt)
Tel: +7 (495) 938-5104, 782-5045.

LOFT Café: Moscow, Lubyanka, Nautilus Center, 6th floor, tel: +7 (495) 933-7713

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